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List of major events

Library events

Library events are held to provide members and users with the pleasure and habit of reading and to help make reading an indispensible part of everyday life through a plethora of experiences.

The summer reading class

The summer reading class
Period During Summer vacation
Contents The summer reading class is held during the summer vacation for 4th to 6th graders and middle schoolers in order to teach them how to use the library, give lessons on reading and essays, and provide them with a variety of after-reading activities.

the library week of the month of reading

the library week of the month of reading
Period Apr.12th to Apr.18th, Sept.
Contents Undoing the suspension of book loan for local residents and users who have violated the regulations regarding book loan.
Exhibit of original illustrations.
Giving a reading of children’s picture books, Making handicrafts with parents, Puppet shows, Panel performances.

Hands-on classes of the library

Hands-on classes of the library
Period Year
Object kindergarteners and elementary schoolers
Contents Library User Education, Library visits, etc.

Contest for Jeollanam-do’s ‘Bookworm’

Contest for Jeollanam-do’s ‘Bookworm’
Period Oct.
Contents Book report contest for local residents, library users and local reading club members. Applicants are to read one of the books of the year and to write a book report.

Storytelling groups operating Instructor Certification Course

Storytelling groups operating Instructor Certification Course
Period Jan. 14th 2015 ~ Mar. 25th 2015 (3 months) Every Wednesday, Every Friday
Application Period Jan. 2th Jan. 13th 2015 (12 days)
Reception Location Yeonggwang Gun Library (82-61-350-5745, 82-61-350-5663)
Place Yeonggwang Gun Library Audio-visual
Object 30 people(Parents)
lecturer Joo-gyeongsuk(Instructor-Led Training storytelling)
Content How to Choose a fairy tale, helping the overall understanding of storytelling learn the language integrated learning and teaching methods so that you can qualify as a Managing Director.