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I would like to extend my warmest welcome to you who visit the homepage of Yeonggwang Gun Library. Since it was open in 1994, the library has secured a central position as a place for education and culture. With more than 70,000 books and other reading materials, it has been providing self-development opportunities to the residents so that they can expand dreams, hope and imagination. In addition, the library has been running programs for reading and culture as well as providing accurate and swift information.
We will do our best for sure to make the library a most comfortable place all the residents feel free to visit any time and which will do a major role in the 21st knowledge information society. All the staff will strive to make a constantly developing and innovative library. We hope you will continue to be interested in and using the library as you always have been. Thank you for all your support. Director of Yeonggwang Gun Library