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Introduction to the library

Library Charter

  • 1. The library contributes to the cultural development of humanity by providing fair and useful service to everyone.
  • 2. The library preserves and utilizes all the cultural legacies to succeed to traditional culture and create new culture.
  • 3. The library contributes to the development of local community and the nation as a site for local residents.
  • 4. The library, as an institution of social education, helps to maintain the civic life of independence and self-support.
  • 5. The library, as a bridge of international culture, helps to consolidate mutual friendship and understanding.


  • - The construction plan of the library was confirmed on Dec. 17th 1992.
  • - The operation ordinance for the library was enacted on Mar. 7th 1994.
  • - The construction was completed on Apr. 11th 1994 and the library was open on June 24th 1994.
  • - The library was moved to the Yeong-gwang Cultural Center Library on Apr. 5th 1996.
  • - Running digital data room on Jul. 1st 2002.