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Organization & Functions

Organization and functions

Organization and functions
Department Yeonggwang Gun Library Team TEL 82-61-350-5745 FAX 82-61-350-5126
  • To select, collect and register books and other materials for the library.
  • To donate, commission and exchange books and other materials of the library.
  • To run reading classes and promote reading.
  • To run various cultural programs and material rooms.
  • To keep order within the library.
  • To maintain facilities, commodities and equipment of the library.
Organization and functions
Director of the library Kim Seonyoung - To take care of all the business concerning the library.
- To set up major business plans.
- To research, order and collect books and other reading materials.
- To operate a “petite library”.
Action officer An Sunghee - To be responsible for general paperwork, budgets, accounting,
arranging materials and loan books.
- To plan and operate major events.
Action officer Im Chae Hwan - To manage the security and environment of the library building.
- To manage and maintain facilities, machinery room, A/V room.
General staff Lee Hwashin - To operate a “Beopseong petite library”.
- To do general work concerning all the staff.
General staff Ju Eun Jeong - To run consolidated material room(digital data room).
- To arrange books and materials.
- To be in charge of loan books
- To manage children’s materials.
- To do general work concerning all the staff.
General staff Park Sangseop - To operate a “petite library”.
- To arrange books and materials.
- To do general work concerning all the staff.

Employee Status

(as of Jan. 6. 2020)

Employee Status
librarian security guard General staff Total
6th class public servants 7th class public servants
1 1 1 3 6